Covid Response

The Joint PCCs of St. John's & St. Mary's met on the 25th August 2021 to review the situation and after extensive deliberations about possible relaxations it was eventually decided to keep things exactly as they were in August, but to review again after further consultations with church members at the PCC meetings at the end of the September.

In Summary we will still continue with:-

Hand sanitising, Face Masks and Social Distancing.

No Singing in church.

Only receiving the bread in communion.

No refreshments after the service.

Just a reminder that we are still encouraged to vacate the building as quickly as possible after the service, but everyone who is happy to do so can remain to socialise and chat outside church without masks but with suitable social distancing.

Small groups of people who are already mixing together in their homes can sit together (if each person is happy with that), but to socially distance from all other individuals and households.

St. Mary's now uses every other pew row - i.e. rows 1, 3, 5, 7, and the church is left open as pre-pandemic, but only from Tuesday to Friday, to allow a clear day either side of Sunday services.

St. John's seating was re-arranged, still retaining social distancing, but with more chairs out to reduce the empty and isolated feeling. Where there are rows back in place, separate households will still be expected to leave 2 clear spaces between themselves and others.