Fellowship Groups


Fellowship Groups are small groups which meet from Monday to Saturday, either in homes, community venues or churches. They enable people to meet together to get to know each other better, to support, encourage and pray for each other, and in some groups to enjoy a shared activity. They’re open to everyone in the community, and as groups outgrow their venue, we just start a new group somewhere else so that more people can join in!

People who join a group always report that they have strengthened or made new friendships and found people who are happy to listen and show true friendship.

Contact Elisabeth Coyne if you want to join a group or find out more - 0114 2886765  or   07793 544295


12.20-2.30pm – Food for Thought!   Meets at The Vicarage, Bolsterstone – led by Liz Pendlebury. This group meets for an informal lunch, followed by an hour of chatting about the themes from Sunday and ending with a time of prayer, in time for anyone who needs to collect children or grandchildren from school to be at the school gate

7-9pm – Start the Week!  Meets in the homes of members – led by Anne Hudson and Sue Heyes. This group meets at the beginning of the week, to discuss the theme from Sunday or to focus on Bible study, to enjoy fellowship and support each other through prayer and occasional meals together.  Contact Anne for details of the venue for the week.


7.30-9.15pm – Firm Foundations!  Meets at Elisabeth’s home - led by Elisabeth Coyne and Ruth Smith. This group is seeking to make the Gospel a form foundation in their lives and in the life of the church, by meeting weekly for fellowship & prayer, to support each other, to explore the themes from Sunday, to pray and enjoy occasional meals together.

7.30-9.15pm – New Beginnings!  Meets at Babs and Mel Homer’s home – led by Bas and Mel Homer. This group made a new beginning 3 or 4 years ago, when they started to meet to explore the themes from Sunday and pray together. As this group has grown in strength and number, fellowship and mutual support has become a central feature of the life of the group.


7.30pm - Bowling for the Kingdom!  St John’s Church – led by Graham Middleton & Steve Varley. This group meets weekly to sharpen their bowling skills, within the context of prayer and fellowship. Their outreach is to everyone in the community.